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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ron Paul Crushes in New Hampshire Debate

Here is a video summary of Ron Paul's responses during the debate:

In the very beginning Ron Paul came out strong against the Federal Reserve. This helped to really separate himself from the rest of the pack of conservatives who, unlike four years ago, are starting to sound a lot more like small government constitutional conservatives and less like pandering, seething war hawks. Not that there wasn't a bit too much anti-Muslim rhetoric for my tastes coming from some of the other candidates, but there were certainly less scaremongering references to 9/11, Al Qaeda and WMD capabilities of various Middle Eastern countries this time around.

He then gave the crowd a huge dose of reality with his facts and positions on Medicare while also calmly discussing workable transitions that include a curtailment of our over reaching foreign policy. His foreign policy rants were all-time and reminiscent of the speeches he first gave the Republican establishment on this subject during the '08 primaries.

Ron Paul then hit one out of the ballpark with his stance on eminent domain which no doubt brought up his relative standing with the local New Hampshire populace.

At the end of the debate they asked him about who on stage he might pick to be in his cabinet. Ron Paul looked around carefully and replied that he would have to do some more interviewing of the candidates as none of them have given him any indication how they feel about the Federal Reserve and he didn't know how they all felt about a non-interventionist foreign policy.

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