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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fake Tea Party Organization Caught Co-opting Movement -

The following was posted at Liberty Forest Forums by Glen Bradley, Tea Party elect in North Carolina State House District 49:

"I was banned from resistnet ( for standing against the co-opting of the Tea PartySomeone posted a thread to the extent that the Tea Parties should start to push for using government force to enforce church doctrine at the point of a government gun.

I used detailed and sourced arguments from church doctrine and scripture to demonstrate that they were acting like 21st Pharisees and will thus incur the wrath of God upon our nation and our movement.

Bill Bissell, moderator, began systematically deleting my posts trying to silence my argument, and I called him out on his hypocrisy. Darla Dawald (Darla, ADMIN / National Director) then suspended my account. is a fake Tea Party movement attempting to use the newly found Tea party clout on the national scene to force government to enforce church doctrine at the point of a government gun.

The following all point to front page:

Fake Tea Party hypocrites pharisees coopted tea party opposed to liberty opposed to freedom liars authoritarians ungodly destroy the tea party destroying the tea party

For those of you who chance upon this message via Google Search, beware of -- they are trying to leverage our recent tea party victories to enforce Christian morality at the point of a government gun. This is exactly what the Pharisees did in the 1st century that earned them the wrath of God, and if we buy into the snake oil that these 21st century pharisees are trying to sell us, then it will earn us the wrath of God as well.

I am a devout Christian, I attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, I taught Adult Sunday School in a Southern Baptist Church, and I led worship in that same church.

I was banned because I refused to participate in their Pharisaic effort to derail the Tea Party movement, and stood up for you against their attempts to coopt us. If you ask, they will tell you that I am a liberal and a heathen. They are liars. Do not be deceived.

I am an iCaucus and Republican Liberty Caucus endorsed candidate for NC State House, and I won my election and will be sworn in to my new office in mere weeks. Resistnet would rather destroy the Tea Party movement than to see it flourish in a way that does not suit them. Approach with extreme caution!"

You can see Glen Bradley's platform at the following link, which is conveniently divided into two sections, Federal issues and North Carolina issues:

Although I encourage anybody to participate with the Tea Party, it is important that the movement as a whole sticks to certain principled liberty positions which our founders knew were important and which were laid out in the Constitution.

Glen Bradley exemplifies the kind of platform a principled Tea Party candidate should have. With his hard work and dedication, after being out-spent 5:1, Glen Bradley was able to defeat his opponent in the recent Nov. 2 election and will be sworn in as a House member of North Carolina.

Congratulations Glen Bradley!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Was Ron Paul right? Fed secrecy in the Watergate years.

Fed Chairman Bernanke called Ron Paul's allegation bizarre, but there is some evidence of heightened Fed secrecy in the Watergate years.

"At Congressional hearings, US Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas casually mentioned, in an exchange with Ben Bernanke, the rumors that the Fed somehow assisted in the Watergate coverup, and when Congress looked into it, they couldn't get the information. He offered this only as a passing illustration of how little Congress can actually know about what is going on at the Fed and hence the case for a transparency act. Bernanke was outraged at the suggestion, calling it "bizarre."

Just how secretive was the Fed during Watergate? Former Washington Post reporter William Greider in his book Secrets of the Temple tells of the Watergate era:

[Fed Chairman Arthur] Burns, for his part, tightened up on Fed secrecy. He abolished the long-standing practice of keeping verbatim minutes of the Federal Open-Market Committee meetings. These minutes were normally kept secret until five years had elapsed -- and were unlikely to embarrass anyone so long after the fact. Even so, they were the only record of who said what in the private policy meetings, the central bank's only decent accounting for history of how it had determined policy for money and credit. Arthur Burns discontinued the practice. In the future, the Federal Reserve's secret deliberations would remain secret forever. FOMC minutes were reduced to mere summaries of its meetings. (pp. 345-346)"

Thursday, February 25, 2010